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May 2, 2006: is the online graffiti photo archive of Neck.CNS. All the pieces and murals that I've taken pictures of since i began painting in 1989 were starting to collect dust in the attic. So I got the idea to open up my graffiti archive and share all these amazing graffiti pieces with you.



Neck, in ZGB Kaos, Croatia, #5 - 1998

interviews_zgb_cover.jpg OK, you can now introduce yourself...

You know, you can just insert what you know in this place. You know it all already.


But it's dangerous to leave it up to you...

I could ask you for a start to say hello to all your friends, so we don't have to do it later.

Hello to the whole crew, CNS Crew and maybe you could insert the internet address, mine and the crew's.

It's, OK, what about chicks?

What, greetings? Just to the one in the crew.

Every other interviewer would probably ask you to say how you started writing, but I think that shouldn't be too important. It was probably as the other people...

"First I drew some sketches..."

"I saw 'Style Wars' and 'Wild Style' ..."

Ha ha, "A friend of mine took me painting..."

So what's the situation with chicks in Dˆºsseldorf? Can you get more chicks being a famous writer? Or at least a known writer?

It doesn't work so good in Dˆºsseldorf, I think. Also, I noticed that when you go away from where you live chicks are better.

Better looking or better reacting?

Both, probably.

Um, I wouldn't say this about chicks back home. Tell me about chicks in Zagreb. You were here two years ago...

Yes, the chicks I saw were pretty good, but there was no time to do anything else but to look at them... But I was impressed.

How do you like Leonardo DiCaprio?

I liked him very much in 'Somewhere out of Iowa'. I don't like him in 'Titanic'. He's okay, that's a short answer.

Can you tell us a funny story? Something like: "Once I went painting in the dark and my friend stepped on my new sneakers, and they got dirty..."

When we were painting the big Magritte wall which maybe you will include after I say this, I finished and was waiting for the others. I started throwing a full can around which then dropped in front of me and exploded.

Really? Is that possible?

Everyone was yelling at me!

They should have kicked your ass and smashed your glasses... Which kind of can was that?

Bermudablau, Belton.

Nice colour.

It covers well and I think we needed it later...

Who washed the floor?

It was not possible, we just ignored it.

So what happened with your shoes and pants?

Well, they were blue, basically. Bermudablau.

Maybe you know some funny story not related to writing?

Well, there was this croatian joke I heard recently... Very funny, but I won't tell it, it's too dirty.

Have you seen the video of some stupid band that covered Bestie Boys' "Fight for your right"?

Aaaahhhh, shit... This is a trend, right? They heard this Run-DMC remake and said: "Hey, this is something we could do". And now there's a cover of "We want some pussy" by 2LiveCrew. These are some dutch people, I don't know, and they don't speak english very well, but they do it anyway.

I was really disappointed when I heard "Roxanne" covered by Puff Daddy.

It was number one for months... maybe it's not so bad, but when you hear it 100 times your brain melts...

I was totally shocked when I heard that Sting had cooperated on that one.

It was just a lot of money. Sting has a rent to pay, too.

What can you tell me about your taste in music?

I don't know. I like almost everything. People hate me because I like bad stuff or low quality music.

So that would be what?

Like what? Aqua is very cool. It's really shitty music, but it was never meant to be anything else. A friend of mine had the album so I borrowed it and it's fun. It improves your mood.

Do you still play with Barbie dolls?

I'm hiding them right now from you.

Your parents didn't want you to play with dolls?

I didn't want to. They didn't say anything about it. I guess it was all right with them. I had these little 'Playmobil' things. I still have a huge teddy bear.

I have two of them.

Yeah, but mine is this big (stretches his arms to show the size)! The teddy bear, I mean.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

No, when my parents had me they said it couldn't get any better than this.

What are your parents' feelings about writing?

They accept the legal side.

But you're a hardcore trainbomber! Can we reveal your illegal name?

No! Not the illegal name! I gave my parents 2 canvases and they are in their living room, and I painted 2 pieces in their garden. They like it.

And they probably don't mind when you earn some money with painting...

No, I don't think so.

Yesterday you mentioned that you don't like football. Why is that?

It was interesting for me when I was in the fourth grade, but now it's boring. I don't care what the results are and who's standing where. It doesn't matter,

The big trend now is inline skating. I think that when you see an inline skater (especially male) it sucks, but skateboarding is cool. Do you agree?

Yes, that's because it's a modern trendy thing and skateboarding was there all the time. It has a tradition and a state of mind to it. Lots of people started tagging when they were skateboarding. The board can fly away, you can lose it, and rollerblades are tied to your feet.

You are studying graphics or something?

Communicational design. When I finish it I will be able to choose between design, graphics, photography...

That means you connected business with pleasure?

I think so.

What do you think about older, more experienced women? Are you attracted to them?

What kind of 'older' are we talking about?


30 would be okay, but 40... I don't know. I would be thinking about my mom, probably.

I noticed that a lot of writers have untidy rooms. What can you tell me about that?

Maybe that's a sign of creativity.

Do you keep your car tidy?

No, but my car is so new that there was no time for it to get messy. My car is a brand new Toyota Starlet, the "housewife goes shopping" car.

Did you have any confrontations with the law? Not paying the ticket on the bus, shoplifting, pickpocketing?

No, but once I was in munich with foreign license plates. It was 2am and we wanted to paint something. We were stopped by a police car beacuse of the foreign license plates. They said: "...but you have a german drivers license! This car is confiscated!". I said: "Uh, what, right now?". I had to talk to them for an hour and they let us go, but I had to go to the police station the next day. I don't know if that was funny...

For a writer his name is very important. How did you come up with yours?

I didn't think of any meaning. I thought of all the letters I liked and could paint. This is what I came up with, but I'm stuck with the 'K' which I really hate.

Have you sold any of your work on canvas?

One person wanted to have a canvas with my style, but he gave me some direction about colours. I sold that canvas for 550DM.

Are chicks in Dˆºsseldorf friendly? Some guys from Frankfurt told me that chicks are very cold there and there's a problem to 'get it', so they 'get it' for 30DM in whorehouses.

Chicks in Dˆºsseldorf are okay. Basically they're friendly.

So when you go out how do you talk to them?

Usually they come to me and say: "Aren't you a famous writer?" ;) Once a girl told me she saw Neck's pieces and she liked them, and she asked me if I knew him. I said he's OK, and we kept talking about 'him', and when I told her my identity she was like 'ooh shit...'. I let her talk for half an hour and then I said "Yeah, I know him pretty well, actually". That was really nice.

What about he Spice girls? You like the black one?

Yes. She's the best, I think.

Because she's got the biggest tits?

She just shows them a lot.

Who is your favourite character from 'The Simpsons'?

I'm choosing between Homer, because Homer is just great and Ned Flanders because he's more like me. I think Homer is the best one.

Thank you very much and good luck.

This article is © 1998 by ZGB Kaos Magazine, Croatia and O.Gelbrich / NeckCNS. Please ask permission before using this in any way.